Bin changes set to roll in the Glenrothes area

Bin uplift changes have proved controversial
Bin uplift changes have proved controversial

CONTROVERSIAL changes to bin collections will begin in the Glenrothes area this month.

From October 15, Fife Council will introduce the new system, extending the time during which householders’ bins are emptied.

The longer working day means that this will be done between early morning and late evening, instead of from 7.30a.m. until 3.30p.m., as at present.

A new collection calendar and information leaflet will be dropping through the doors of people in the area during the next few days.

Roddy Mann, senior manager, environmental operations said: “Residents should look out for their new calendars being delivered and check the day we empty their bins on.

“This may have changed.

“Bins should be put out for collection by 6.00 am on the collection day and un-emptied bins left out until 9.00 pm.”

What the Glenrothes-based council claims is a more efficient, system which will save it £800,000 a year was agreed following a review of household waste collection services earlier this year.

Households will receive the same number of bin collections as they do currently and businesses will continue to have their waste collected seven days a week, but this service will be provided with a reduced budget.

The changes have proved controversial with customers and bin workers, and last week the council admitted that it might dismiss staff who fail to sign-up for the two shift system, then re-employ them on new terms and conditions of employment with no break in service.

Around one-quarter of workers had not signed-up at that point and one of their trade unions, Unite, is considering balloting its members for potential strike action.

It claims the changes would mean staff would have less time to spend with their families, and public safety could be threatened, because more people, including children, would be on the streets at collection times.

Some householders have also complained about increased noise nuisance

More information about the new service including details for householders waiting longer than two weeks between collections and new bin calendars can be viewed and downloaded at

Or telephone the Recycling Helpline on 08451 00 22.