Bin No 4 ready to roll-out

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This week, Levenmouth householders will start hearing about their new ‘four bin’ system.

The new service, which will see new green wheelie bins rolled out in September, allows householders to recycle food waste, plastic and cans as well as paper and garden waste.

Pledging to support householders through the changes, Fife Council’s Chris Ewing said: ”To avoid spending unnecessary money on new bins, we’ll start using the smaller blue bins for landfill waste, which means we have to swap paper and cardboard to the grey bins.

“But we’ll put labels on them to help remind people until they’ve got into the habit of it.”

Councillor David Alexander, chair of the Levenmouth area committee, said: “There are now over 40,000 households in Fife on this 4 bin service and the results are very encouraging. Recycling rates of over 60 per cent have been achieved - the highest in Scotland.”

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The new bin system:

•Green bins (240 litre) will be provided to recycle plastics and cans of all types, from ready meal trays, to margarine tubs to cans, tins and metal trays. These will be collected every four weeks.

•Grey bins (240 litre) will be changed to recycle paper and cardboard. These will also be collected every four weeks.

•Blue bins (140 litre) will collect landfill waste - rubbish that cannot be recycled. This will still be collected every two weeks.

•Brown bins (240 litre) will be for both food waste and garden waste. A brown kitchen caddy will also be provided to make it easy to gather food waste.