Bin there, done it, got the award...

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FIFE’S four wheely-bin system has received an award for ‘innovation and improvement’.

The Fife Council team behind the implementation of the system was presented with the prize at the recent Fife Partnership Excellence Awards in the Rothes Halls, Glenrothes.

The four-bin system has been rolled out to 65,000 households, and is expected to be in place through most of Fife by the summer of 2014.

However, Mail readers commenting on our Facebook page greeted the award with mixed views.

Reader Jackie Cameron said the four-bin system caused her to have to take regular trips to the tip, while Roy McIntosh described the award as “more back slapping”.

Amanda Webster added: “My bin is full and when I get it emptied tomorrow it’ll be nearly full again with the stuff I can’t fit in.

“And that’s with sorting out the cardboard and plastics.”

Households now use dedicated recycling bins for paper, cans/ plastics and garden waste, as well as a smaller landfill bin, which has led to a 50 per cent reduction in the amount of waste going to landfill.

The Excellence Awards were established to recognise and celebrate the creativity, innovation and performance of teams across Fife’s partner organisations.

Chris Ewing, senior manager for sustainability, said: “Thanks to the efforts of householders on the four-bin system, and the hard work of all the council staff involved in delivering the service, we are now seeing a recycling rate of over 65 per cent compared to 55 per cent for the rest of Fife. 

“Over the next 18 months we will be offering the four-bin service to the remainder of households in Fife.”

But not all Mail readers joined Mr Ewing in his praise of the system.

Jim Parker claimed: “This is all very well, but if the four-bin system doesn’t work for some residents, Fife Council is happy to let bins overflow and refuse to pick them up.

“Totally inflexible and happy to let people suffer.”

Reader Charlie Sneddon said he liked the four-bin system, and called on the council to now introduce a facility for glass recycling.