Binned!Council scraps changes after protests

Residents in Kinghorn who were angry over Council's plans to change bin collections.
Residents in Kinghorn who were angry over Council's plans to change bin collections.
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Plans for a new bin collection regime in parts of Kinghorn and Burntisland have been withdrawn by Fife Council.

As previously reported in The Press the Council intended to make changes to collections in the St James Place area in Kinghorn and the Lammerlaws area of Burntisland, which would see residents, many of them elderly, having to drag their bins through what is often difficult terrain to single collection points.

The householders would have to take their bins several hundred yards to the road ends to be uplifted.

Councillor George Kay was horrified when he learned of the proposals from angry locals and along with residents in both communities challenged the decision.

This week it was revealed the Council have withdrawn the plans.

Cllr Kay said: “I really do think this is a victory for common sense.

“There was absolutely no consultation on this and people who are simply not physically capable any more of doing this work were being asked to do what would have been for them a herculean task.

“Equally we would have been using Fife beauty sports as bin collection centres.”

He said councillors for the Burntisland and Kinghorn areas discussed the matter at their last ward meeting.

He continued: “An officer from environmental services was invited to our last ward meeting and was left in no doubt about how unacceptable these proposals were.

“I also organised two public meetings, one in each town, and it was obvious from my consultation this was just not acceptable to the residents.

“Further consultation by letter has shown that the residents are well nigh 100 per cent behind accepting the alternative solution.

“May I thank the Fife Free Press for their part in highlighting the solution and helping with the resolution.”

The solution means that now collections in Barton Buildings, Kinghorn and North View and Galahill, Burntisland will remain as they are, but St James Place, Kinghorn and South View, Burntisland will be serviced once a week by a landfill service.

A single paper recycling point will be put in place as appropriate.

Councillor Pat Callaghan, the Council’s executive spokesman for environment and transportation said: “I’m delighted we’ve been able to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

“We’re always happy to listen to community feedback and ensure they’re getting a service they are happy with and meets their needs.”