Black Watch returns to Fife

1712003 SSFF black watch '- The Black Watch Homecoming Parade through the streets of Kirkcaldy
1712003 SSFF black watch '- The Black Watch Homecoming Parade through the streets of Kirkcaldy

RAPTUROUS and well-deserved applause greeted members of the Black Watch as they marched through Fife streets on a home-coming parade

Armed forces’ members from this area were among those who were taking part in the Kirkcaldy procession, one of five which took place across Scotland.

A varied range of all age groups headed out to greet the troops, with roads being closed off to allow for the crowd.

The Kirkcaldy parade is the latest in a series of events held in Fife to honour serving troops and veterans which have also included granting the 3 Scots the Freedom of Fife in 2006.

The parade started from East Fergus Place and was led by Lieutenant Colonel Edward Fenton.

The troops then made their way into the Town Square and were greeted by the Lord-Lieutenant of Fife, Margaret Dean, Provost of Fife Frances Melville and Major General Riddell-Webster.

3 Scots then marched through the streets of Kirkcaldy town centre, following a route down Whtyescauseway, along the High Street, up Kirk Wynd and along Hunter Street, returning to the front of the Town House.

A salute was taken by the Lord Lieutenant, the Provost and the Major General..

Invited guests made their way inside for a civic reception to round off the programme of events.

Proud family members and friends of those in the Black Watch posted messages of support, thanks and congratulations through our Facebook page.

Lauren Cooper and Malcolm O’Kane both welcomed Lauren’s brother, Paul, back to his home town of Leven.

Malcolm said: “Thanks to ‘Coops’ for all of your hard work over the past 20+ years with the Black Watch.

“It’s time to have a wee rest with your family.”

Added Lauren: “My big brother Paul Cooper was in the parade in Kirkcaldy.

“He’s been in the Black watch for 20 years now.”

Felicity Paterson said that a toddler group she’s part of was in attendance to show its support.

Mail reader Nikkii Ralph added another tribute, saying: “Tam Scott - we’re proud of you, love from your family, Sandra, Ben, Morgann and Nikkii.”

Former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown MP, paid tribute to current serving members of the Black Watch and also its veterans.

He added: “The whole of Fife holds the Black Watch in a special way.”