‘Blatant lies’ hampering Corrie search, says his dad

Part of the vast Milton landfill site and (inset) Corrie,
Part of the vast Milton landfill site and (inset) Corrie,

The father of missing airman Corrie McKeague has hit out at what he calls the ‘blatant lies’ surrounding the mysterious disappearance of his son.

Corrie, who grew up in Cupar, was just 23 when he went missing following a night out with colleagues in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, almost 13 months ago.

It is believed he fell asleep in a bin lorry and was subsequently transported to a landfill site at Milton, near Cambridge.

An extensive search has so far turned up no clues, but police are shortly to begin a fresh search of another area of the site in what is likely to be the last chance to find him.

The rest of the landfill site is believed to be contaminated and cannot be searched.

Now Corrie’s dad Martin, who lives in Cupar with his wife Trisha, has issued a statement on behalf of the McKeague family in Scotland in which he stresses his support for Suffolk Police.

“Over the past year, the investigation into my son’s disappearance has been plagued by blatant efforts to use the media to misinform the public about the facts in the search for my son, Corrie,” he said.

“The McKeague family in Scotland have made repeated efforts to fix these lies as each was printed.

“We have tried at every opportunity to tell the truth, including that MIS, the agency that was paid tens-of-thousands from the public crowdfunding provided absolutely no new information to the police whatsoever; there was never a DSMA-Notice (which is an official request to news editors not to publish or broadcast items on specified subjects for reasons of national security); the police never seized and searched the wrong bin lorry.

“All of the above can be confirmed by the Suffolk police.”

He continued: “We believe that we owe my son, the public the police and the volunteers the truth.

“Once again, the McKeague family in Scotland have and will continue to fully support the Suffolk police, and the heroic efforts of the volunteers from both the Norfolk and Suffolk police departments, who have spent five months of their lives searching for Corrie in hellish conditions and are set to continue to do so in the coming weeks on our behalf.

“Let’s get the truth out there for a change and let’s bring Corrie home together.”