Blaze at secluded woodland

Fire crews conduct a damping down process following a fire in woodland close to Ingrie Farm near Leslie
Fire crews conduct a damping down process following a fire in woodland close to Ingrie Farm near Leslie

Firefighters from three crews were called to tackle a fire in a secluded area of woodland close to Leslie.

The fire engines were called to a wooded area adjacent to Ingrie Farm on the A911 on the outskirts of Leslie just after 10.00p.m. on Sunday evening.

The blaze is understood to have covered an area 262ft by 131 ft in dense wooded area that has no direct public thoroughfare or access.

There were no reported injuries.

A further four fire crews were deployed throughout the following day in an exercise to damp down the thought to be tinder dry following the sustained spell of hot weather.

A number of trees had fallen due to the blaze.

Tom Fox fire officer in charge of the damping down process said their work had been made more difficult by the lack of access to the site and by the need to pump from the nearest water source nearly half a mile away on the main access road.

“We have four crews here and the additional support of a hose vehicle to get water to the affected area”, he told the Gazette.

“It’s difficult because of the lack of direct access and available water supply.

“We have between 15 and 20 hoses rigged up to overcome this and we need to continue damping down the fire site and the surrounding area to ensure the fire doesn’t reignite”, he added.

Making the areas safe was made more procarious for firefighters following the falling of several trees as a result of the fire.

“My men are continuing to assess the area to make sure that it is safe, whilst at the same time carring out the procautios to make sure the fire doesn’t re-ignite”, added the fire officer.

It’s not known what caused the blaze but fire officers are not ruling out the prolonged hot weather which has made many parts of the surrounding area tinder dry.

In separate incident Fife fire crews were sent to tackle a blaze an industrial unit in Faraday Road, Southfield Industrial Estate, Glenrothes on Monday.

A forklift truck was thought to have caught fire at the uni.There were no reports of any injuries or damage to any adjoining properties.