Blaze offered a home by kind Methil family

Blaze the puppy.
Blaze the puppy.

AN unwanted Staffordshire bull terrier puppy, born with a missing foot, has been adopted by a kind-hearted Methil family.

Blaze was taken in by Staffordshire Rescue Scotland at just seven and a half weeks old.

Lisa Hird, from the rescue group, said that when Blaze was first assessed the pup, plus others in the litter, were living in such poor conditions that they felt it best the animals were re-homed.

Lisa told the Mail: “We took blaze to a specialist to see what would be the best course of treatment regarding his missing foot and were advised the whole leg should be amputated as soon as possible to avoid further damage to his spine.

“It would appear that this was a genetic problem, rather than anything untoward happening at his birth.”

All the pups found were quickly re-homed while Blaze continued to recover from his operation.

It was only then that he was taken in by the Methil family, who already kept Staffordshire bull terriers.

New owner Michelle said that Blaze has turned out to be a “loving, caring dog” and despite only having three legs gets around as well as the others.

The rescue group is supported in its work by donations from the Kennel Club charitable trust.