Blind support for parking bill

The new bill wants to stamp out inconsiderate parking such as this
The new bill wants to stamp out inconsiderate parking such as this

Fife Society for the Blind (FSB) is backing a bill by MSP Sandra White which seeks to stop inconsiderate parking.

The charity’s Insight team, whose main objective is to make life with sight loss easier for Fifers, is supporting the proposed Responsible Parking (Scotland) Bill, which it is hoped will put an end to cars parked on pavements or at crossings.

When left in such places cars can be dangerous for blind and partially sighted people and FSB Chief Executive Allan Suttie says they can be a “significant barrier to mobility”.

He said: “We are working hard to encourage and facilitate independent mobility giving those who lose their sight, particularly in later life, the ability to retain independence. However, we know that just one setback in a journey will knock confidence and ultimately lead to social isolation in the home.”

A Fife resident’s campaign to stop local shops displaying A-boards on pavements outside their premises led to Insight, which works closely with NHS Fife and Fife Council Social Work Service, becoming involved in this issue. Councillor Alex Rowley also took part, walking blindfolded through St Andrews to see the dangers for himself.

Insight are now urging Fifers to contact their MSP to ask them to support the Bill before February 22.