‘Blipper’ Kirsty charting her life

Student Kirsty Matthews.
Student Kirsty Matthews.

A St Andrews University student is heading for the record books after charting the past two years of her life by taking more than 700 photographs on a life-sharing social media platform.

Psychology undergraduate Kirsty Matthews first came across Blipfoto after her sister joined in the winter of 2009, and was then followed by other family members.

After watching their progress for a while, Kirsty decided it could be fun to be involved and signed up herself and has since gone on to take more than 730 images.

The idea was launched in 2004 as the personal online photo journal of Edinburgh photographer and designer Joe Tree and Blipfoto.com has grown steadily – through word of mouth alone – into a worldwide phenomenon that connects people from all walks of life.

The simple and addictive concept is based on uploading just one new photo - taken that very day - to the person’s journal.

Some participants - known as blippers - do this every day and others as often as they can and contributors are now spread across 160 countries, and the website receives more than 13 million page views per month from 160,000 visitors.

Kirsty, who is originally from Edinburgh and about to enter her fourth and final year at St Andrews, told the Citizen:”I have been taking Blips as a way of having a photographic journal to represent my time spent at university and my life over the past couple of years.

“It is my intention to carry on with the journal for as long as possible as it has become an important part of my everyday life.

”I have a photographic record of my life which I think is something quite special. I now take a camera everywhere with me in the hope I can find something interesting to photograph.

‘‘Blip has allowed me to keep a record of my time at university, which I know once I’ve left will be a very special link, and I am already looking forward to recording other major life events on it.”

Blippers include photography enthusiasts, students, young mums, sea captains, chefs, singers, authors, charity workers and politicians.