Boats must be cast out from Temple says Councillor

Cllr Tom Adams at Fife Council-owned Temple car park, where boats have been discarded.
Cllr Tom Adams at Fife Council-owned Temple car park, where boats have been discarded.

A Levenmouth councillor has called for new regulations at a Lower Largo car park after several boats have been dumped at the area, taking up vital spaces.

Councillor Tom Adams, chairman of the Levenmouth area committee, said something must be done to clear the Temple car park of the boats, some of which have been there nearly 10 years.

Speaking to the Mail, he said: “This car park is being used as a dumping ground for these old boats.

“There are around 10 boats and they must be taking up at least 20 car parking spaces. In total, there’s only around 30-40 spaces.

“In summer, this car park is pretty busy so we need the spaces.”

Cllr Adams said he had spoken to a local fisherman who said the practice of leaving boats at the Council-owned car park, which sits close to the beach at Lower Largo, 
has been going on for years and that one boat could have been left there for over a decade.

Now Cllr Adams is calling on the Council to bring in new regulations which would see the boats identified and restrictions put in place limiting parking of the boats to the winter months.

“A bit of the car park could be set aside for the boats to be stored in during the winter months, from around October to April, but during the summer months when the car park is busy, there should be no parking of boats here. Perhaps it should even be made available only to owners of boats from Largo Sailing Club, because I’ve been told that people from outwith the area are coming here to use the space as well. ”

He added: “At the end of the day, this is a Council car park and these boats are denying spaces to other cars who are visiting this area.”

Peter Aitken, chairman of Largo Area community council, said that historically, the Temple car park has always been used for cars and boats. He said: “We’ve had to address this issue many times over the years. We have discussed it with Fife Council to try to resolve it, and have tried to plan for extra spaces for cars and racks for the boats.” Peter noted that the community council had even tried to come up with a master plan for the area, but it had not be implemented due to lack of funding.