Bob’s Walk Blog - Day 6: A challenging & rewarding walk

Maggies - Kirkcaldy  - Fife  -'Dr Bob Grant walk for Maggies  - ' credit - fife photo agency -
Maggies - Kirkcaldy - Fife -'Dr Bob Grant walk for Maggies - ' credit - fife photo agency -

Bob’s Walk for Maggie’s Fife is underway - Bob Grant’s most ambitious fundraiser yet. Fife Free Press editor Allan Crow is taking part, tweeting as he walks at @fifefreepressed and blogging every night.

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The further round Fife Coastal Path you go, the more challenging it becomes, and the more rewarding the views.

Today’s journey took us some 14 miles from Earlsferry to Fife Ness, via St Monans, Anstruther and Crail, finishing with a glorious high tea at a busy Golf Hotel.

Once again we got the best of the weather - true it was a bit chilly now and then, but it was also sunny and dry, and the wind was behind us pretty much all the way along the path. The core walking team again welcomed a number of guests including Tu Edwards and Kyle from Maggie’s, plus staff from Braid’s Bar in Elie who walked to St Monans with us.

We certainly made brisk time to St Monans, stopping off for a coffee at the East Pier Smokehouse before pushing on to Anstruther where we cut across the beach and into the harbour for a chilly sandwich lunch. A warming cuppa from the fisheries museum cafe perked us up for the toughest part of the walk.

We headed out of town, past the washing hanging on a line down at the seafront, and into Kilrenny Hill caravan park.

We clambered over a wall, and picked our way round the path as it followed the arc of the Forth.

The route is challenging. The large mis-shapen stones sunk deep into the grass are both steps to aid and obstacles to test you as you zig-zag through the fields.

No sooner had we recalled meeting a herd of cows than we came to the brow of a hill ... and there they were. The barking of the dogs with us caught their attention and we got the message as four of them moved forward and formed a line like Arsenal’s defence about to play the offside trap.

Three beasts shifted to the left to create an opening for the group - walkers, three dugs and a buggy - to move briskly through before the fourth one decided on its next move in the herd’s challenge to our right to roam. Must admit I do prefer my cows on the other side of a sturdy fence. Or on a plate served medium-rare...

Drama over we scuttled on to Crail where we arrived ahead of schedule, giving us a good excuse to pop into The Honeypot cafe for a welcome cuppa while the local pharmacy donated a packet of Compede plasters to Dr Bob; a much appreciated gesture.

Then it was on to Fife Ness - arguably the most challenging leg of the journey.

The path has some testing inclines and some tricky descents as steps and rocks combine to form the most basic route; one where it is easy to slip or take a slight stumble, but which is also a real thrill to walk.

Coming round the corner of Fife Ness you can see just how far you have walked as the view changes from one across the Forth to Edinburgh and the Lothians, to a sighting of Carnoustie to the north.

It’s only a few miles from Crail and the journey back for our high tea just minutes, but the walk to Fife Ness is a good hour, and one a great way to round off a day walking on the coastal path.

>> On Friday - Day seven - we walk from Fife Ness to Guardbridge, via Kingsbarns, Boarhills, St Andrews from the leisure centre to the golf museum and out along to Guardbridge; 15.5 miles.

>> Bob’s Walk is sponsored by event partners Mackays Marmalade, route partner FMC Technologies, plus ACA Sports, Shadow Blinds and Dundee & Fife Chiropractic Clinics.

>> Huge thanks to O’Connell’s, Kirkcaldy, and Morrisons’ Invertiel store for their generous donations.

>> Thank you to Baird’s Bar, Elie, for their very kind donation. Please visit their Facebook page and ‘like’ it - and if you are in town, pop in!

>> You can donate online: BobsWalk2015

Read more on Facebook and Bobswalk2015