Bob’s Walk: Day 3 On the shores of a tranquil Forth

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Bob’s Walk for Maggie’s Fife began today. FFP editor Allan Crow is taking part, tweeting as he walks at @fifefreepressed and blogging every night.

You can donate online: BobsWalk2015

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The Forth was at its most tranquil as we walked from Inverkeithing to Kinghorn today - calm and silent, hour after hour, on a day perfect for walking.

We started off at Ferrytoll and were once again delighted to welcome more new faces, and some weel-kent ones too - special welcome to the St Andrews Monday Working Group who joined us to Aberdour.

The first mile was quickly under out belts as we started bang on time from Ferrytoll, and once through Inverkeithing we finally got on to the coastal path, heading past the quarry and round the gentle curve to St David’s Bay which is surely one of the mosts peaceful place to live, and, on days like this, one of the most relaxing too. It’s also in stark contrast to the nearby fenced off beaches yet to be cleared of contamination - a world away, and yet just round the corner.

Our mid morning break was taken at Dalgety Bay Sailing Club where, once again, we received a lovely welcome. One of the features of the walk is simply how genuinely happy people are to help you out, and it is always encouraging to hear how many have had links to, or visited, Maggie’s Centres, while those unaware of the charity get an opportunity to ask about it.

Out of Dalgety Bay we took the lower road along to Braefoot, led by Dr Alan Lees, and then up along a path cutting through two fields.

The walk into Aberdour was little more than a gentle stroll - in the fields outside the town the lambs bleated in chorus, while on the golf course there was the occaisonal whack of a ball from the tee.

Lunch was at the Silver Sands- more than a few of us couldn’t resist an ice cream from the cafe! - before we departed to begin the journey to Burntisland.

It’s a fabulous part of the coastal path - a winding track that takes you alongside the water, past fields and a waterfall, before emerging below the houses which now occupy the site of the old Alcan plant. It’s a far cry from the dcays of the old Red Road ...

Must admit it was a bit of an effort to climb up to the Burntisland Viewpoint, but the scenery from the top was worth it - a panoramic view up the Forth and across to Edinburgh.

The road stretch to Kinghorn is one of the few parts of the path walk which really drag - we do need to create a route that is away from the roaring traffic and the dust the cars and lorries throw up, making conversation impossible. Do that and the walk between the towns will become much, much more enjoyable.

But it’s a short component of our overall journey, and the prospect of a high tea at the Kingswood Hotel was more than ample compensation.

The food was fantastic - do try it - and our thanks to the hotel for their generous donation to Bob’s Walk.

Thanks also to all who donated en route and who joined the walk to again swell our numbers once again.

>> Bob’s Walk is sponsored by event partners Mackays Marmalade, route partner FMC Technologies, plus ACA Sports, Shadow Blinds and Dundee & Fife Chiropractic Clinics.

>> Huge thanks to O’Connell’s, Kirkcaldy, and Morrisons’ Invertiel store, and the Kingswood Hotel for their generous donations.

>> You can donate online: BobsWalk2015

Read more on Facebook and Bobswalk2015