Bob’s your uncle when it comes to speeding drivers

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The latest ‘recruits’ in the campaign against speeding drivers have already proved their worth on the rural roads of north east Fife.

PC Graeme Whittaker, who took over recently as community officer for the Howe of Fife, brought with him four ‘pop-up’ policemen - nicknamed ‘Bob’ - who’ve been deployed at various speeding hotspots throughout the ward.

And they’ve proved to be highly successful in slowing down motorists exceeding the limit.

The life-sized replica bobbies, which are made by a Kirkcaldy company, are based on an image of a real serving policeman. The figures are holding speed guns and from a distance are very convincing.

Graeme had seen the idea in action in other areas and was successful in applying for funding when he took over the post here, having served in Methil for six years.

“I was struck straight away that speeding was a major issue in north east Fife because of its rural nature,” he said.

“It’s the one issue that’s constantly brought up when we meet members of the public.

“I knew the idea of the replica policemen had proved effective in other areas and so far it’s working well here too.

“They’re so realistic that people do slow down when they see them.

“So far, they’ve been located in Freuchie, Lindores, Ladybank and Kettlebridge as well as on the notorious stretch of the A92 at Freuchie.

They’ve also been deployed outside local schools and the results have been excellent.”

In addition to speeding, Graeme also intends to focus on rural crime, and together with his colleague PC Stuart Bruce is planning more engagement meetings with farmers and landowners.

Coming from a background in criminal investigation work, he’s also keen to develop local intelligence, espcially where drugs are concerned.

“I aim to be very community-focused and see my role very much as that of the local bobby.”

Graeme can be contacted via 101.