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The Return

by Victoria Hislop

Recommended by

Tanya Scoon

PASSION, drama and excitement is what Spain and the Spaniards are renowned for, and the second Victoria Hislop book, set in Grenada and encompassing the time of the Spanish Civil War, captures all these emotions, and more in a thrilling tale you won’t want to put down.

It begins with Sonia, who decides a holiday in Andalucia with a friend to learn the ancient tradition of flamenco dancing is the perfect way to get over her failed marriage. She meets an old waiter at a nearby restaurant who enlightens her on the history of the city and the enthralling, and poignant story of the Ramirez family as they struggle to survive the civil war which is tearing their beloved homeland, and their own family apart.

As is to be expected, Ms Hislop has once again done her research in portraying the historical turmoil faced by every family living in Grenada during the bloody period, so, as well as being entertained, the reader is given an important history lesson at the same time. Utterly compelling, colourful characters add to the overall experience and there’s the obligatory passion provided in the modern day love story.