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Billy Connolly’s Route 66: The Big Yin on the Ultimate American Road Trip

by Billy Connolly

Recommended by

Debbie Clarke

I LOVE Billy Connolly so couldn’t wait to read about his travels across one of the world’s most famous highways. Billy has apparently dreamed about taking a trip on the legendary Route 66 ever since he first heard Chuck Berry and now he has grabbed the chance to travel along it himself.

I enjoy reading travel books and finding out about the fascinating characters the author meets along the way.

Billy is no exception to this.

He meets people including Mervin the Amish carpenter, and fellow banjo enthusiast and instrument collector Rob.

Billy travels from Chicago to Santa Monica Pier in California and also takes in the Grand Canyon.

This book is not only hilarious in parts (as you would expect!) but it is also inspiring.

Billy provides a great guide to the ultimate road trip!