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Attack of the


Rubber Ducks

by Christopher Brookmyre

Recommended by

Gordon Holmes

IT’S fair to say Brookmyre’s novels can split opinion but then perhaps you need to have the same caustic and cynical view of the absurdities of people and life as the author to appreciate them.

And I’m glad to say I do.

He likes nothing more than debunking established views and opinions but does it with such cleverness and skilled use of language that at the root is still an entertaining novel with a great plot and some truly laugh-out loud moments.

This book has less explosions and deaths than normal but there are still some as Brookmyre takes a sarcastic swipe at those masquerading as mediums and psychics, as well as the intolerance of religion.

A renowned psychic agrees to undergo controlled tests to prove himself; one of those observing is a cynical journalist determined to catch him out.

But then people are murdered and perhaps someone will go to any lengths to stop the truth from coming out.

Gripping, entertaining and fun.