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The Hunger Games

by Suzanne Collins

Recommended by

Rachel McCallion

ALTHOUGH the book was originally aimed at young adult readers, parents and children alike are raving about the book which is now a major movie. Before the release of the film ‘The Hunger Games’ attracted a cult following which sent the book to the top of the best sellers list.

The novel follows main character Katniss - as the ‘girl on fire’ soon becomes a popular contender in the hunger games - a televised contest in which two contenders from each ‘district’ must barbarically fight for their lives.

The prize is life - only one will survive. Although she originally comes from one of the low class, extremely poor ‘districts’ it’s safe to say she isn’t an underdog for long.

Katniss survives a dangerous and life threatening set of events as Suzanne Collins comments on the extreme lengths people will take in order to survive.

A gripping read - with a dash of romance - which transports the reader right into the centre of the hunger games arena.