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Are We Nearly There Yet?

by Ben Hatch

Recommended by

Tanya Scoon

I WAS almost put off this little treasure by the fact that it was billed as a travel book, but I’m glad I wasn’t as it is far removed from a travel book. Instead it is a delightful delve into a family’s life as they embark on an 8000 mile trip round Britain trip with two young children in a Vauxhall Astra. One minute you will be laughing out loud at the hilarious antics of the youngsters as they are faced with yet another art gallery, and empathising completely with the long-suffering wife as she faces her other half’s over enthusiastic enthusiasm about a pencil museum, and the next (if you’re anything like me) you will have tears rolling down your face as the author is forced to come to terms with the reality of his father’s serious illness. You will pick up little gems of information you didn’t know - even about your own locality, and if you’re a parent you’ll relate to some of the experiences they have to contend with, but most of all you will become immersed in the mundane, emotional and entertaining tale of a close-knit family which doesn’t lose sight of the fun in life and and the optimism about all that it has to offer.