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The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared

by Jonas


Recommended by

Allan Crow

I THINK I’ve found one of my top ten books of 2012.

The book is as quirky as the title suggests - it’s also a wonderful read, funny, uplifting and wonderfully entertaining.

On his 100th birthday Allan Karlsson decides to avoid the birthday party planned at his care home by climbing out of the window and going on an adventure. He goes to the bus station where a scruffy youth asks him to look after a suitcase. Karlsson decides to steal it - unaware it is packed with money for a major drug deal.
So he accidentally kills the drugs courier, befriends a nutter, they inadvertently slay another gang member and take off on an adventure.

The story is interpersed with the old boy’s equally unlikely life story which is Forrest Gump meets Walter Mittey.

It’s beautifully told. It’d make a superb movie!