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Thousand Roads: The Ballad of Gram Parsons and His Cosmic American Music

by David N. Meyer

Recommended by Paul McCabe

INGRAM Cecil Connor III was born into a family which had made millions from citrus fruit and was one of the richest in Florida.

But it despite this, it was one dogged by tragedy.

Alcohol was rife; both Gram’s parents were drunks and had died by the time he was 18.

Gram would grow up to become a musician with a vision of blending country with rock n’roll to create what he would call ‘cosmic American music’, influencing the Rolling Stones among others, before dying of a drink and drugs overdose himself at the age of 26.

His buddies kidnapped his body and burned it in the desert.

This remarkable true-life soap opera is told in impressive, well-written detail by the author, leaving you with a deep sense of regret of a unique talent sadly - and quite literally - wasted.