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Through thick and thin: My autobiography

by Gok Wan

Recommended by Lori Cormack

He’s the GBF (that’s Gay Best Friend) that we’ve always wanted - charming, stylish, and tells you you look good even if your bum is massive. Gok Wan burst on to our screens six years ago with ‘How to Look Good Naked’ and he’s been loved by the nation - well, at least the women - ever since.

His autobiography allows us to read about the life experiences that make him simply one of a kind.

Gok, or Kwokhyn Wan to give him his full name, was born to a British mother and Chinese father in the seventies. He spent his early years working in his fathers restaurants, surrounded by Chinese delacacies, which the family would eat late at night. Thus started a weight problem that would plague him for the rest of his life, including a terrifying attack and addiction to laxatives. ‘Through thick and thin’ is heart-warmingly honest. Gok touches upon issues that some would shy away from - the struggle for an identity as a British-Chinese boy brought up in Leicester, his weight demons, the overwhelming need to be noticed on stage and in life. This book makes a person out of the caricature.