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Book review'01-11-12'FFP
Book review'01-11-12'FFP
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Breaking the Silence

by Diane Chamberlain

Recommended by Fiona Purnell

JUST reading the cover of this book was a little off putting. ‘Your husband commits suicide. Your daughter won’t speak’ - doesn’t suggest it’s going to be the happiest of tales. However, I urge you to get past this and give the book a go, it’s definitely worth it. Laura Brandon’s promise to her dying father was simple, visit an elderly woman with dementia she’d never heard of before. It seemed a small sacrifice to make.

But Laura’s promise leads to her husband taking his own life, witnessed by their five year old daughter Emma. After the trauma, Emma refuses to talk at all.

Laura is frantic and feels guilty, doing whatever she can to try and help her daughter become the lively, chatty young girl she once was.

Guided by Emma’s silence and an old woman’s fading memories, Laura unravels a tale shrouded in silence.

This is a well written, compelling story of secrets, lies, silence and love.

Once you’ve started reading, you’ll want to keep going to follow the twists and turns and unravel the web for yourself.