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Rod: The


by Rod Stewart

Recommended by

Debbie Clarke

I have to say I am not the world’s biggest Rod Stewart fan, however, I do enjoy reading autobiographies and this one was very well written and entertaining. The book covers everything in Rod’s life from his early days with the Jeff Beck Group and The Faces to his childhood memories, family, the many ladies in his life and his music career. Rod has certainly lived his life to the full not only through his music but his marriages, divorces and affairs with some of the world’s most beautiful women including supermodels, movie stars and Bond girls. Rod also gives an honest and frank account of his brush with cancer. This book is full of entertaining stories about the people and the stars Rod has encountered and it’s interesting to read about his rock n’ roll lifestyle with all the twists and turns he has taken in his career. For example, I didn’t know that one of his early jobs was a gravedigger and there are a few little surprises like that throughout. Rod’s autobiography would be an ideal stocking filler for anyone who is a fan of his music, but it is also the perfect festive gift for anyone who enjoys reading about celebrities.