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The People Next Door

by Christopher Ransom

Recommended by

Gordon Holmes

MICK and Amy Nash and their two teenage children, Kyle and Briela, lead fairly routine lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Amy worries about her weight, Mick is suffering from what he calls ‘a total life-hangover,’ Kyle has just discovered alcohol and girls, and Briela is having a tough time at school.

When a family day sailing on a nearby lake ends in a near-death drowning experience, Mick finds himself on the cusp of a terrifying mystery with the power to change his fortunes forever, or destroy everything he holds dear.

Then into the house next door move the Renders. They are beautiful, confident and charming, and the Nashes are promptly seduced by their charisma and their money. Too late Mick learns they are not as perfect as they seem and that something is deeply, darkly wrong with them. Who are these people, and what are they hiding in the basement?

Unfortunately, the ‘twist’ ending is signposted a long way out which detracts a little bit from the resolution of the story but there’s enough tension and an overpowering sense of evil to make it worth sticking with.