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The Gift

by Cecelia Ahern

Recommended by

Lori Cormack

A FESTIVE tale, but not along your usual lines. Cecelia Ahern uses Christmas as a back drop to this story about family, love and living your life to the full.

Lou Suffern is a workaholic. No other word for it really. And he is paid well for it. Gorgeous house on the outskirts of the city, fast car, beautiful wife, two lovely children. But all that time spent at the office means time with those loved ones is few and far between, and it’s getting worse as he chases promotion. Lou believes himself to be skilled in the art of multi-tasking - but the struggle to juggle family life with work life is getting worse with every passing week. One particularly cold December day, he has a chance meeting with homeless man Gabe outside of his office building. But little does he know that a short conversation with a seemingly harmless fellow will lead him to question his whole way of life. At some points of this book, I was thrown by the particularly ‘magical’ aspects taking place in what is usually quite a realistic setting. But it is this magic that makes you read on. The gift soon becomes clear, but the message will stay with you, especially as we enter a new year and new chapter of life.