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The Mystery of Mercy Close

by Marian Keyes

Recommended by

Tanya Scoon

Marian Keyes has been one of my favourite authors since I first read Watermelon way back in the mists of time, so The Mystery of Mercy Close was top of my Santa list at Christmas – and it didn’t disappoint. Revisiting the delightfully disfunctional Walsh family, this time around it’s the bullishly boisterous private investigator Helen whose tale is in the spotlight as she sets out to tackle the challenging riddle of where Wayne Diffney the “whacky one” from former Irish boy band Laddz has disappeared to.

As Helen’s life disintegrates around her, forcing her to give up her beloved flat and move back home with her parents, she pours all her energies into tracking down Wayne in an attempt to stem the rising black tide of depression she has been battling. And things become even more tense as the deadline for the Laddz reunion concert approaches.

As well as being a hilarious, laugh-out-loud story encompassing every boy band cliche imaginable, The Mystery of Mercy Close also takes a compassionate look at the devastating effects of depression, which the author has experienced, and is a great rollercoaster ride of a book.