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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

by Claudia Carroll

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Lori Cormack

ANNIE is bored with her life. Having previously lived in Dublin working as an actress, she is still struggling to adjust to life in Stickens, a small village two hours away from the city. But she moved for Dan, her husband and childhood sweetheart, and she must be a loving, supportive wife, right? Even with nosey neighbours, free-loading frenemies and a moaning mother-in-law to contend with. But worst of all, she never sees her husband, let alone spends any quality time with him. She’s close to breaking point.

So, when she is offered her dream job in a new play back in the city, how can she say no? The play is a hit and soon the bright lights of Broadway are beckoning for a 12 month stint. But can her and Dan’s already strained relationship survive across the Atlantic?

They decide to give it a year. If they want to save their marriage, they will meet at Rockerfeller Centre, where Dan proposed. If not, they move on.

This isn’t a tough read, but a little bit of chic-lit to brighten up an otherwise damp and dreary January can never go wrong.