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Breakfast at Darcy’s

by Ali 

Recommended by

Fiona Purnell

Darcy McCall is left an island off the coast of Ireland when her Aunt Molly dies. The only catch, albeit quite a big one, is that to inherit Tara, she has to stay there for a year and create a new community on the island.

Darcy is a city girl so life on an island is going to be a huge culture shock. But not wanting to let her aunt down, she goes ahead with the plan.

The book follows the ups and downs of life on the island and the small village which is built up.

Once Darcy arrives on the island the landscape seems to weave its magic.There’s also a lot about the history and folklore surrounding the island included.

When the story got to Tara I found it harder to put the book down, wanting to read what happened next.

At times, like in most chick lit novels, it’s a little predictable what’s going to happen, and there a few surprises too.

Despite the predictability it was still an enjoyable read, with some well developed characters, particularly Darcy herself who you see change over the course of the book.