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The Woman Who Went To Bed For a Year

by Sue Townsend

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Lori Cormack

EVA is finally free of her motherly responsibilities. Twins Brianne and Brian Jr have finally flown the nest and now there’s nothing to do - no washing, making the tea, tidying up. She is so exhausted from life, that a nap sounds like a good idea. But maybe she could stay in bed a bit longer... maybe all day, maybe all week. Soon, bed is all that Eva wants to know - life beyond the bedroom door just doesn’t feel like her problem anymore.

But as you may expect, a woman living life in a permanent slumber doesn’t go down well with her family - her husband suspects she is having a breakdown, her mother is less understanding.

Sue Townsend handles a subject here which has been tackled many times before - a woman searching for her place when family life is over. At first, it’s quite hard to feel empathy for Eva as she retreats to bed at the end of the first, short chapter. But it is Townsend’s writing and development of this woman and the issues she must deal with that draws you to Eva - and it might even make you want to stay in bed that little bit longer too.