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The Feuding Hatfields and McCoys

by Dr Coleman C. Hatfield & F. Keith Davis

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Gordon Holmes

HAVING been gripped by the recent television series based on this true life tale, and long having a fascination with American history, I was delighted to receive this informative tome as a Christmas present.

It is not a scholarly, over-analytical account of the bloody, vicious feud between the two families which took place in the last quarter of the 19th century on the West Virginia/Kentucky border.

Rather it’s a timeline of events that charts the hard lives of the mountain settlers and the circumstances that led to the dispute which claimed the lives of many members of each family over a period of more than 20 years.

But what adds a real air of authenticity is the stories recounted by the co-author, the great-grandson of ‘Devil Anse’ Hatfield - family tales handed down and told in a simple, evocative style that captures the spirit and fortitude of the Appalachian way of life in the 1880s.

Add a collection of previously unseen photos and this a marvellous insight into a truly incredible story.