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The Expats

by Chris Pavone

Recommended by

Paul Cardwell

BEING a debut novel given away on Amazon’s Kindle initially for only 20p it’s fair to say ‘The Expats’ by New York author Chris Pavone left me a little sceptical prior to reading it.

But it turned out to be a real page turner - or whatever you call a fast flowing, can’t put down thriller on an e-reader.

Focussing on the life of Kate Moore it follows her as she gives up her CIA job to emigrate with her technical wizard of a husband Dexter, who is a banker, to Luxembourg, along with their two young boys.
Soon bored with being a stay at home mum, Kate’s mind starts to wander and she becomes suspicious of not only her husband but also her new friends - particularly fellow American expat couple Bill and Julia Maclean.

Although worried she has just been left paranoid by her former employers she sets out to find if there is any truth in her misgivings of Bill, Julia and Dexter.

Ultimately she has some hard choices to make, as suspense builds.

• As well as being available digitally ‘The Expats’ has now been made available in paperback.