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Cheryl: My Story
Cheryl: My Story
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Cheryl: My Story

by Cheryl Cole

Recommended by

Debbie Clarke

I quite like Cheryl Cole and was interested to find out the truth behind the headlines.

In her own words we learn about the nation’s sweetheart from her humble beginnings growing up on tough council estates in Newcastle to her success with Girls Aloud.

We get her opinion on her time as a judge on X Factor, her health battle with malaria and personal heartache through her divorce.

I quite admire her for all the trials and tribulations she has overcome in the full glare of the media spotlight - it couldn’t have been easy fighting for her marriage when her footballer husband was exposed as a cheat and later being hired as a judge on the American X Factor only to be dropped after a short time.

Not only is this book an honest account of these incidents, but it is quite heartfelt with Cheryl opening up about the many ups and downs she has experienced in her young life.

We know she isn’t short of a penny or two, but to have your life scrutinized in the press can’t be easy.

If you are a fan of Cheryl Cole or Girls Aloud you will enjoy this book.