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The Governor’s Wife

by Mark Gimenez

Recommended by

Gordon Holmes

THE Bonners are the most powerful couple in Texas. Bode Bonner is the Republican Governor and his wife, Lindsay, is always by his side. From the outside everything looks rosy.

But the Bonners are not happy. Bode is bored - he longs for more excitement in his life. Lindsay is at the end of her tether. She’s had enough of Bode’s womanising and of playing the dutiful wife. She is desperate to break free of her bland, wealthy lifestyle.

Then Lindsay makes an impulsive decision that helps save the life of a poor Hispanic boy. From that moment on, nothing will be the same for the Bonners.

This book divided me, on the one hand it is a tense, twisting thriller with some fast-paced action and is very readable, if at times it does stretch credibility a bit - Bode Bonner comes across like a Hollywood action hero who happens to be Governor - and that would never happen in real life...

But there is also too much comment on US and Texas politics and the problem of illegal Mexican immigration, which after a while detracts, rather than adds, from the story.

That aside, it is worth a look.