Book Choice

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It’s not often I read a book purely on recommendation, having not heard of the author, but luckily ‘Americanah’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was an exception.

Technically a love story, the book, which is her third, has much deeper social themes such as race, identity and expectation.

Taken at face value it is simply a good read but I challenge anyone to get to the end of the 400 pages and not assess how they view the world.

Following the lives of former teenage sweethearts from Nigeria, ‘Americanah’ sees Ifemelu move to America and become a successful blogger - aware of racism and her race for the first time in her life - and Obinze who moves to England but struggles post 9/11 to find work legally.

It ends more than a decade on with Ifemelu returning to Nigeria and reaching out to Obinze, who by this time has also returned but is now married and making the most of the African country’s booming economy.

Has their separate experiences changed them or can they be reunited as two parts of the same puzzle?