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Gone Girl
Gone Girl

IF ever there was a tense, psychological thriller that you really don’t want to read but can’t put down, then this is it.

‘Gone Girl’ is the story of a marriage which has gone drastically wrong and the repercussions it has on both parties.

Nick Dunne, who has returned to his roots after losing his job, is shocked on the morning of his fifth wedding anniversary to find that his beautiful and spoilt wife Amy has disappeared. As the story unfurls through Nick’s account of events alternating with Amy’s version through the pages of her diary, the reader quickly realises that the idyllic marriage was far from it.

Amy’s friends tell how she was scared of her husband who, as it turns out, was not the loving man we are led to believe, and Nick becomes the prime suspect.

The book poses the question of whether, even in marriage, anyone can know what’s going on in another’s mind. By turns disturbing and enthralling and, despite a rather weak ending, this is a good read.