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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Recommended by Paul Cardwell

Since its latest release as a film (for the fifth time), the book, often classed as The Great American Novel, has shot up the sales chart.

Often on high school reading lists the chances are you may have read ‘The Great Gatsby’ before but it’s still worth another read, and for those who haven’t yet read it but have watched the film - remember the book is always better.

For those completely unaware, having been published in 1925, ‘The Great Gatsby’ perfectly captures the era of the ‘roaring twenties’.
The central character of Nick Carraway takes the reader into the over the top and ultimately fake world of the mansions which lined New York state’s Long Island shore.

Along the way Nick introduces us to his cousin Daisy, her rich husband Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby and the mystery that surrounds him.