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The Temptress by Paul Spice - Recommended by Maggie Millar

THE infamous unsolved murder of Josslyn Hay, Earl of Erroll among Kenya’s aristocratic ‘Happy Valley’ set in 1941 still has enduring appeal today, thanks to a heady mix of money, passion and intrigue.

Hay, a good-looking womaniser, was shot dead in the night at the wheel of his Buick .

Sir Jock Delves Broughton was brought to trial on suspicion that his wife’s affair with Hay had sparked a jealous rage and although he was acquitted of the crime, many still believe his suicide a year later was a tacit expression of guilt.

However, author Paul Spicer believes he holds incontrovertible evidence which proves that the real culprit was a femme fatale - Alice, Countess De Janze.

A very convincing read and also interesting for Fifers due to the fact that the gun was apparently found by Betty Leslie-Melville, of the Earl of Leven’s family, who was a confidante of Alice.