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Think of a Number by John Verdon
Think of a Number by John Verdon

Think of a Number

by John Verdon

Recommended by

Fiona Purnell

WHEN it comes to a good crime thriller I love them. This book, Verdon’s first novel, was worth the read. It tells the story of retired detective Dave Gurney who finds himself caught up in a deadly tale of mysterious letters.

Gurney’s old college classmate turned spiritual guru, Mellery has been receiving a series of letters written in poetic form asking him to pick a number.

Without knowing who sent it, the letter identifies the number which is chosen by its recipient.

The letter writer says they know Mellery’s secrets, but who is the sender?

Mellery calls on Gurney to help him figure it out, leading to some dangerous consequences and some extremely intriguing puzzles.

The real success of this book is Verdon’s ability to keep the reader guessing throughout the book with plenty of twists and turns in the plot and clues along the way.

It’s an extremely well written book that captivates the reader’s imagination. Definitely one to read.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of Verdon’s work from now on.