‘Bored’ youths bring anti-social element to Aberdour

Aberdour Silver Sands
Aberdour Silver Sands

YOUNG people from in and around Aberdour have been causing a number of issues relating to youth disorder in the village.

Police have received an increase in complaints from people within the village over the summer holidays about youths’ behaviour - including drinking in public which is against local bye-laws.

John Lawson, community inspector, said: “Over the past few weekends Aberdour has seen an influx of youngsters from nearby towns and villages.

“This has led to an increase in complaints from local people as well as young people coming to the adverse notice of the police regarding their conduct and overall standard of behaviour.

“Offences such as drinking in public and having open containers of alcohol, both of which are prohibited by local byelaws, have also been detected.


“Some are local to Aberdour,but there are also young people from Dalgety Bay, Inverkeithing, and Rosyth travelling into the area.

“I would encourage parents to take responsibility for their children and be aware where they are and what they are doing.”

Steps have already been taken by officers to combat the problem with high visibility foot patrols identifying large numbers of youngsters and evidence of underage drinking in the Silver Sands beach area which has been given extra attention.

Booze seized

On the first weekend of the school holidays, community officers seized 25 litres of alcohol.

Patrols will continue in the coming weeks with measures including mobile CCTV being used.

But it’s not just underage drinking and anti-social behaviour causing a problem.

There are also concerns over an increase in wilful fire-raising in the Silver Sands area.

Dave Wishart, station manager at Dunfermline Fire Station, said: “Young people are out of school, bored and lighting fires for amusement.

“The important issue is that they should understand the danger of their actions.

‘‘On many occasions, we have seen the results of a prank or game go tragically wrong and someone ends up seriously injured.”

Councillor Dave Dempsey said he had not been contacted directly by residents with regards to the behaviour of youths in the area.

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