Bowling green hit by vandals

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generic bowling image
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VANDALS targeted Kinghorn Bowling Club over the weekend, imprinting rings into the green with ashtrays.

The damage to the green and fencing at the club happened overnight on Friday and was discovered on Saturday morning.

The incident over the weekend is the second time the club’s property has been damaged by vandals this season.

Alan Knox, secretary of the club in David the First Street, said: “It was the greenkeeper who found the damage when he came down to cut the grass on Saturday morning.


“We’ve got a fence with chain link on the edge of the green so people don’t step out of the clubhouse straight onto it, which they had damaged.

“There were also ashtrays lying on the green. Three of them had been stamped into the ground leaving big rings dug into the green.

“Thankfully the damage is not too bad, it will grow back in in two or three weeks.


“It’s more an annoyance than anything else, but this mindless damage destroys people’s fun.

“We’re paying fees every year and for the upkeep of the green so we could do without this.

“If they had done more damage to the green it would have meant getting someone in to repair the damage which would have cost us money, but luckily enough we were able to do it ourselves.”

The bowling club had trouble earlier in the year when a table from the smoking area had been damaged and plastic chairs had been strewn on the green and on the adjoining tennis court.

A spokesman for Fife Police said: “Officers are dealing with a call relating to alleged vandalism at Kinghorn Bowling Club and have stepped up patrols in the area.

“We would welcome any information which the public may have.”

Contact Fife Police on 0845 600 5702.