Box not going, just being replaced says Royal Mail

roadworks to strengthen small bridge in Maitland Street, Leven
roadworks to strengthen small bridge in Maitland Street, Leven

Residents in Leven’s Maitland Street have been reassured that they won’t be losing their local post box after it was removed during bridge works.

Work to strengthen the bridge over Scoonie Burn started in May this year, but as part of the works by Fife Council, the historic post box, which was part of the wall supporting the bridge, had to be removed.

Last week, residents were unhappy after learning the box would not be reinstated, and worried they might be losing the local amenity altogether.

But Royal Mail has assured locals that although the former box won’t be put back into the wall, a new pedestal box will be installed.

A spokesperson said: “The post box at the bridge at Maitland street in Leven has been closed due the reconstruction work being carried out on the bridge making access difficult for our driver.

“It is Royal Mail’s intention to provide a smaller pedestal post box near to the original location as the daily volume of mail is low within the box.”

Murray Scott, Lead Professional at Fife Council said: “Originally, the post box was going to be re-installed in the bridge, however before starting the works we contacted the Royal Mail to ask them what they would like us to do. They came back saying that they did not want to re-install the post box in the wall and would like us to return it to them.”