Boxing gig to ring up cash for fundraiser

The gig will help Denbeath Boxing Club build an extension.The gig will help Denbeath Boxing Club build an extension.
The gig will help Denbeath Boxing Club build an extension.
A night of live music and entertainment is to be held in Kirkcaldy to raise funds for an extension to a boxing gym.

The event will see bands perform in a mock-up boxing ring in a bid to help extend a boxing club which is trying to cope with a surge in youngsters looking to learn.

And the event, at Society, will also feature ‘Rockaoke’, where the crowd will have the opportunity to join in and sing along.

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John Todd, of Denbeath Boxing Club based in Leven, said that a lack of space hampering them.

“It’s got out of hand over the past two of three years with the amount of young kids, boys and girls, who want to learn.

“We’ve just enrolled another five new starts. The local youngsters are really taking this on board, and the the gym’s too small. We’ve had plans drawn up, we want to build a mezzanine level so we can accommodate everyone.

“It’s getting to the point that we could end up having to turn people away just through lack of space.”

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John says the benefits for youngsters who take up boxing are quite clear.

“A lot of people come in and they’re really shy and withdrawn, and we try to bring them out through the training.

“It’s really well disciplined, we teach them a lot and they come out of their shell.

“It really does build the confidence, and teaches them how to look after themselves as well.

“We desperately need the extension.

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“If we don’t get it, then we’re going to have to start turning the kids away, and we really don’t want to do that.

“All the bands are giving their time to help us. Society have also been great in giving us the hall.

“What they’re contributing is unbelievable, so everybody’s really got on board for this event.

“We’ve done the usual car washes and sponsored walks, it’s been a hard slog, but we’re getting there.”

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A mock boxing ring will be built as a stage at Society, to add to the theme of the fundraising event.

“Jewson, Keyline and Travis Perkins donated all the materials for the stage,” added John.

Jai McVey, who is helping to promote the event, said that the gym was an important outlet for youngsters.

“If the kids are in the gym then it keeps them off the streets,” he said. “It’s about helping them learn discipline, channeling them, giving them the right outlook.

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“Everyone involved is working hard to bring the event together, and the good thing is that they’re all boxers so they’re motivated.”

The acts on board with the event include Vault VI, Big Cloud, Easy Ride, Catch 22, Lee Muir, and The Ellies.

The event will be held at Society, in Kirkcaldy, on Saturday, June 2.

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