Boys praised for cliff rescue role

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A KINGHORN pensioner is recovering in hospital after plunging down an icy brae while out walking her dogs at the weekend.

Rose McDonald, slipped on a path on the braes just next to Kinghorn lifeboat station shortly before 10 a.m. on Sunday morning, falling around four metres down the steep, grassy slope and breaking her ankle in the process.

And yesterday (Wednesday) Rose, through her neice Rhona Seath who lives in the village, said she wanted to thank the three boys who came to her rescue and raised the alarm.

“In this day and age many youngsters would just keep on going, but these boys stopped to help.

‘‘If they hadn’t done so she could have lain there a lot longer and would maybe not be making as good a recovery as she is.

“She has undergone an operation to fit two steel plates in her ankle after breaking it in two places, and is expected to be in hospital until the end of the week.”

Cry for help

The boys who came to her aid, believed to be aged around 12-13 years, were on the coastal path, walking from Kirkcaldy to Aberdour at the time when they heard Rose’s cries for help and came to help her.

They immediately sought assistance from Liz Davidson, the lifeboat’s deputy launching authority, who was passing on the path above on her way down to the station.

Liz called an ambulance and summoned help from other members of the lifeboat crew who were at the station for a training exercise.

She said: “I was heading to the lifeboat station just after the lady had fallen.

‘‘Three young boys, who were out walking, shouted to me and I immediately called an ambulance and called the lifeboat crew who were gathering at the station.

‘‘They brought jackets and thermal clothing along with the first aid kit and made the lady comfortable until the ambulance arrived.

“The crew, many of whom have recently updated their first aid qualifications, stabilised the casualty and then assisted ambulance personnel to lift her back up the slope to the footpath, before she was then taken to hospital. The lifeboat crew helped to keep the casualty warm and comfortable in temperatures close to freezing.

Great help

“I would also like to thank the three boys who were a great help during this incident, which must have been frightening for the lady.”

The crew weren’t able to relax for long after helping the pensioner, as, just as the ambulance was taking the casualty away, they were called out to a fishing boat that had broken its propeller a mile out of Kinghorn bay.