BREAKING NEWS: #savethebyre campaign launched online

Byre Theatre, St Andrews.
Byre Theatre, St Andrews.

A CAMPAIGN to save the Byre Theatre has started on social networking sites.

Messages posted on Twitter and Facebook have come from locals as well as many within the arts community - and they are using the hashtag #savethebyre to generate more response.

They have all expressed shock at the sudden closure and a call to explore all possible alternatives as the community rallies round.

Actor Forbes Masson tweeted: ‘‘Dreadful news. A little gem of a theatre - I saw loads there when I was wee.’’

Artistic programmer Catherine Middleton described liquidation as ‘‘awful news’’ and tweeted: ‘‘Wonderful theatre with a great team at heart of the community. It has to be saved.’’

That rallying call has already been picked up and given immediate action online.

A Facebook page has been set up - - and within just 12 hours over 550 people ‘liked’ it with many posting messages in support of the venue and its staff.

It was set up within hours of the shock news as local supporters begamn to talk about how to save the Byre and turn ‘‘petitioning into a strategy.’’

On Twitter the hashtag #savethebyre was also launched to bring together all the feedback and generate awareness of the theatre’s sudden demise.

Finn Anderson, writer and composer, tweeted: ‘‘the Byre’s ‘InTo The woods’ inspired me to write musical theatre, anbd I produced my first shows there.’’

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