Brisk start to voting as Fifers go to the polls

The polls have opened and Scotland has embarked on one of the most important days in its history.

After two years of campaigning, debating - and arguing - the people finally get the final say on whether the country goes independent or stays within the Union.

The FFP Referendum wrap

The FFP Referendum wrap

Throughout today the Fife Fre Press will have reporters out and about at polling stations speaking to local folk - and you can see their videos and news updates here and also on all our Twitter feeds - use our hashtag #jpScotRef.

Despite the typically dreich polling day weather, it has been a brisk start at many stations; the first sign we ARE heading towards a huge turnout.

Campaigners for the Yes and No camps are outside at many stations.

Inside staff have been kept busy with a constant stream of visitors. Information officers will also be present to help with any queries.

The polls close at 10.00 p.m. and then the counting process will begin.

Each region is expected to declare its results from 2.00 a.m. onwards, with Fife’s result expected around 4.00 a.m.

>> The Fife Free Press’ Referendum Team will be at the count at the Michael Woods Sports Centre tonight.

We will be live tweeting into the wee small hours - follow @FFP @fifefreepressed @ffppaul @ffpdawn and @GazetteNeilH - and use our hashtag of ‘#jpScotRef for updates from our news teams at counts across Scotland to keep you informed minute by minute.

There will also be updates online at