Broadly speaking, let there be light

Broad Wynd in West Wemyss (Neil Doig, SSFM0214011)
Broad Wynd in West Wemyss (Neil Doig, SSFM0214011)

It’s hoped the next financial year could stop darkness enveloping a village street.

Broad Wynd in West Wemyss is served by only two street lights – but residents say they have not worked properly for almost a year.

After a series of investigations by Fife Council’s transportation services, arrangements for repairs are being made with Scottish Power, which was due to visit yesterday (Tuesday).

However, Council bosses said new white lights were set to be installed in the 2014-15 financial year as part of the lantern efficiency programme.

They acknowledged that, although there were only two lights, even one being out meant half the street or more was in darkness.

Resident Laura Cation said others around the country had suffered far worse with floods and power cuts, but the long-running lighting problem was incredulous “in an age where we take health and safety measures to the most ridiculous extremes”.

In a letter to the Mail, she said she resented paying a monthly amount towards council tax when services like the street lights were still not working.

“I would like someone from the Council to give me a deadline or report on what the issue is, as I am tired of reporting this problem,” she added.

Councillor David Graham said he was very aware of street lighting’s importance and he would “continue to monitor and challenge where necessary” to ensure work was completed to the community’s satisfaction.