Brothel trial told man got ‘Brucie bonus’ after massage

Chin Chih Chang appeared at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court.
Chin Chih Chang appeared at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court.

A MAN received an unexpected “Brucie bonus” after paying £100 for a massage to ease his back pain, a court heard.

Retired joiner Alasdair Mcintosh was giving evidence in the case against Chin Chih Chang, accused of being involved in running a brothel, in Kirkcaldy, Fife.

She is also accused of transferring sums of money, gained through criminal activity, to individuals outside Scotland.

The offences are alleged to have taken place at a flat on Lord Gambier Wharf in the town between April 2016 and May last year.

Mr Mcintosh told the trial at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court he had not expected anything other than an hour-long massage the first time he visited the property.

But he accepted that he did return after receiving a sex act from a young Asian woman which was described as a “Brucie bonus”.

He was found naked in a bedroom at the alleged brothel after visiting for a massage on his “sore back” caused by old age.

Mr Mcintosh was found inside the property when it was raided by police officers on May 31 last year.

He said he visited the parlour “three or four times” but accepted it could have been more, and would pay £100 for an hour-long massage which included an “unexpected bonus”.

His police statement was read to the court by depute fiscal Ronnie Hay and gave details of what happened during the police raid.

He said: “I walked into the usual bedroom I normally go into when I visit the flat, got undressed and lay on the table. The older lady (Chang) started the massage and after a couple of minutes, a younger girl came in and took over.”

He added: “About 10 minutes later, I heard talking coming from the corridor and the younger girl told me that the police were at the door.

“She told me to lie down on a mattress in the room. She lay down on the mattress beside me and told me to say that we were friends.

“The girl did have clothes on. She was wearing a bra and a black shirt. I did not have time to get dressed before the police came into the bedroom.”

Mr Mcintosh told the court how he always handed the money to Chang and believed she was “the boss”.

Solicitor David Bell asked Mr Mcintosh if he knew where the money went after he handed it over, to which he replied “no”.

The trial, in front of Sheriff Jamie Gilchrist QC, also heard from another witness who was inside the property when the police arrived.

Andrew Wilson maintained he had just been there for a normal “deep tissue massage” after failing to find another masseuse that could fit him in on the day.

He said he found the advert on Gumtree and texted the supplied phone number. He received a text message offering “the girlfriend experience” or a “naked massage” but had arranged to pay £40 for a non-sexual service.

The 50-year-old had just arrived at the property when the police entered. He said Chang put her arm around him and told a police officer he was her “boyfriend”.

The trial continues.