Bruce legend brought to life in a new DVD

Jock as Robert the Bruce scares Elaine Dall at the Merchant's House where the DVD was filmed
Jock as Robert the Bruce scares Elaine Dall at the Merchant's House where the DVD was filmed

The life of Robert the Bruce has been brought to life for Fife schoolchildren in a new DVD – filmed partly in Kirkcaldy.

The historic Merchant’s House at the east end of the High Street was the setting for the Wars of Independence film, and it was a familiar role for Fife-based actor Jock Ferguson, who played Bruce.

Having portrayed him in live events, films and in radio drama, the recent role as the warrior king in the final year of his life was one Jock relished.

The vignettes between Bruce’s story-telling include the tale of the spider, the killing of The Red Comyn, The Declaration of Arbroath and of course, victory at Bannockburn.

The DVD, which will be released in March 2014 to coincide with the anniversary of Bruce’s coronation, will be made available to Fife schools for assisting teachers and it will also include an information pack.

“It was good to play an older Bruce, contemplative and understated and he also displays some pithy humour as contemporary accounts describe him as being quite jovial, despite his many trials in life,” said Jock.

“It is unfortunate that Hollywood has portrayed Bruce as a coward and a betrayer of William Wallace, which is complete twaddle.

‘‘Both Wallace and Bruce were fully supported by the church in Scotland, particularly in Fife by Bishop William Lamberton, and where one began a process along with Sir Andrew de Moray, it was Bruce who finished the job.”

The DVD is being made by Colin Maxwell of Fife College, who also has a great enthusiasm for Scottish history.

“We have worked on other projects in the past and have more lined up, most of them mining a rich seam from the 14th century and most of it filmed in Fife,” added Jock, who runs his own film and events company, Herald Events and Films in Fife.

“2014 is going to be a busy year for me and a good one for Scotland, and I want to make a full contribution.”