Bruges trip for twin links

The presidents of Levenmouth and Bruges Twinning Groups
The presidents of Levenmouth and Bruges Twinning Groups
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  • Excellent enthusiasm
  • Positive for Levenmouth

Representatives from the Levenmouth Twinning Association said a trip to area’s twin town of Bruges was a huge success.

The association’s president and vice-president Blair Denwette and Linda Judge spent a week in south-west France ahead of next summer’s official twinning and said they were delighted with the enthusiasm shown.

The enthusiasm from over there is fantastic.

Linda Judge

Blair said: “A group from Bruges were over here in June.

“They got a feel of what we were about and we thought we needed to do the same, so Linda and I took a trip out there.

“But rather than just go over and have a look about and do the tourist bit, we set up a number of meetings with people that we specifically wanted to talk to.

“It was groups with whom we’d like to set up potential links, such as music and the arts, now and in the future.”

Linda said: “We had three or four meetings every day. It was hectic but the enthusiasm from over there is fantastic.

“They really want lots of things to happen between us.”

Blair added: “There was a representative from every organisation or group that we had wanted to meet up with; sports, schools, music etc, just so we could get the information we needed.

“The resources they have over there are quite incredible. So we stole some ideas as well!”

In the wake of the visit a number of exciting activities have been lined up, linking the two areas.

“Bruges is also twinned with two other towns and take part in a football tournament each year, so Levenmouth has been invited to send over a team next August, as well as a group to go to an annual youth summer camp,” Linda said.

“We have plans to involve local primary schools with a pen pal scheme and for pupils at high school who are studying French to have lessons with schools over there via video conferencing.

“There’s also an annual music festival and the plan is to take some local musicians and dancers along with The Coaltown Daisies whom they have specifically requested.”

Blair added: “I think this will be really good for Levenmouth.

“It will be a positive for the area.”

If anyone is interested in getting involved then please get in touch